Reputation is Everything! – We want to make your life as easy as possible when searching for a job and to walk away remembering Big Fish in the right way.

At Big Fish, we always look to build equally long-term relationships with our candidates as well as our clients. We truly believe that happily placed candidates will not only use us again when thinking about changing jobs, but also as their careers progress and they need to hire.

Searching for a new position can be challenging, but it should also be an exciting process. We swim side-by-side with you every inch of the way, so you can benefit from our experience and industry expertise

This expertise and specialisation is highly valued by our clients and has allowed us to build strong relationships with many of the main employers within each niche.

Please see some useful links that will assist you in securing your next position.


Writing a cover letter

Creating the right CV

Interview Techniques

Salary Negotiations